Is preferential ballot/alternative vote/ranked ballot better than first-past-the-post?

NO! It is simply another form of FPTP. Worse it favours the Liberals as the second choice, and gives the Greens very little chance of increasing their Parliamentary presence.

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Renewing democracy: “Proportional representation is the gateway reform to all other democratic reform”

According to Craig Scott, defeated NDP MP. Are the Liberals committed to really reforming our broken First-Past-The-Post voting system.

Ironically, the Liberal majority was elected with 39% of the vote, just as the Conservative majority in 2011.

Craig Scott on Power and Politics 

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A Tale of Two Ridings: Cooperation and Division

Pre-election cooperation between Greens and Liberals in Kelowna Lake Country  defeats long time Conservative. Greens have another advocate in Parliament with the informal agreement between Fuhr and the Green EDA.

Liberals 29,614 (46%), Conservatives 25,512 (40%), NDP (9,044 (14%), Greens no candidate

From Ron Canaan’s concession speech: “It was the combination of the perfect storm and the fact the Green vote, strategically, they moved over to the Liberals, they had a coalition agreement,” he explained. “The fact that the opposition provided some alternative change, there was a message the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, I guess, served his tenure for almost 10 years, and the community has spoken.”

Last minute strategic voting in North Okanagan Shuswap does not prevent a vote split, allowing Conservatives once again to win.

Conservatives: 27,490 (39%), Liberals: 20,951 (30%), NDP: 17,903 (26%), Greens: 3,609 (5%)

And finally analysis from Eric Grenier of “That the New Democrats lost such a large number of votes to the Liberals in these ridings is a strong suggestion that progressive swing voters swung hard for the Liberals. Polls in the last week showed that the NDP’s voters were less committed than those of the Liberals, and Justin Trudeau’s party was, by far, the one Canadians expected would win on election night.”

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This is NOT what democracy looks like.


“Even though it is only a partial mix of the final documentary, the evidence it lays out about recurrent voter fraud, disregard for the rule of law and democratic principles, and brazen abuse of the rights of ordinary citizens, is profoundly compelling – and profoundly disturbing.”  Warren Bell from his article in the National Observer

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What Cooperation Looks like in Kelowna Lake Country

Folks, cooperation is the ONLY way forward.

“That’s what I want from my government; a government willing to put petty politics aside and work for the betterment of this country.” Cooperation at work

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The results show a very tight race with the NDP’s Jacqui Gingras in first, Conservative’s Mel Arnold a close second with Liberals Cindy Derkaz and Greens Chris George a distant third and fourth.  The margin of error is +/- 5.5% 19/20 times.

This suggests that a vote for change would be best given to the NDP, and a vote for maintaining the current government would go to the Conservative Party. 

You can find full details at:        North Okanagan Shuswap Election Poll                                This includes who sponsored the survey who conducted the poll, when the poll was conducted, the population from which the survey was drawn how many persons were contacted as well as the specific questions asked.

leaning and decided voters

decided voters

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Basic Voter Registration and Voting Information: Repeat!

When you arrive at the polls will you be able to vote?!

Everyone needs to be registered to vote.
Everyone needs proper ID to both register and vote.
Everyone needs to check their registration and ID required at

Here is a summary of what you need to know.                                                                               Basic Voter Registration and Voting Information

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Not worthy of any Canadian, regardless of political party.

“In that vein, these spiteful Conservative policies — hound Muslim women, strip Muslim wrongdoers of basic human rights, shove Muslim refugees to the back of the line — have hijacked and distorted this election. They have blotted out the sun when Canadians face important choices on the economy, jobs, accountable government, social investment, fair taxation and the environment.

The relentless, divisive harping on largely fabricated “Muslim problems” may help the Conservatives get re-elected. But it is unworthy of the Government of Canada, it is socially corrosive, and it confirms the Tories’ unfitness to govern.

Unlike Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair have stood up honourably for religious freedom, respect for constitutional rights and generous treatment of refugees. However the campaign plays out, they have affirmed our better values.”

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Questionnaire results – where the parties stand on science

Evidence for Democracy distributed a science policy questionnaire to all major party leaders to gain insight into how they plan to address these issues if elected. Greens, Liberals, and New Democrats responded. Conservatives did not. You can find the link under the Issues Tab and Science under Siege.

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NEWSFLASH: Local poll to be done in North Okanagan Shuswap Riding

On Oct.19th Canadians are going to vote in the federal election. Many people are uncertain how to vote. Although there is a widespread feeling that it’s time for a regime change, in many ridings this comes down to deciding which party’s candidate is in the best position to defeat the Conservative candidate.
A group of local citizens who are not affiliated with any party, business interest, special interest or government body, plan to gather information to assist voters in making their decision. They are commissioning a statistically sound opinion poll, by an established polling company, a few days before the election. This will show the latest standings of each candidate and of the party they represent in this riding. This information will assist you, and everyone you send these figures to, to make an informed choice on voting day.
The poll will cost about $1250 to carry out. They invite you to join them in contributing to the cost of the poll by sending a cheque (made out to Warren Bell) to the address as follows: “Opinion Poll, c/o Warren Bell MD, Box 3458, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4S2”. A suggested donation would be between $25 and $100, but we impose no upper or lower limits on what you send. They will use this money to pay for the poll, and any excess funds will be used only to pay for advertisements distributing the results of the poll widely in local media.
They ask that you please:
1. Share this message with friends and family
2. Include your email address with any contribution you send, so that they can inform you directly of the results as soon as they are in our hands.
Thank you for sharing in this exercise in informed democracy!

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