Problems with our antiquated First Past the Post electoral system

As summarized by the Law Commission of Canada report on electoral reform issued in 2004:

  • being overly generous to the party that wins a plurality of the vote, rewarding it with a legislative majority disproportionate to its share of the vote;
  • allowing the governing party, with its artificially swollen legislative majority, to dominate the political agenda;
  • promoting parties formed along regional lines, thus exacerbating Canada’s regional divisions;
  • leaving large areas of the country without adequate representatives in the governing party caucus;
  • disregarding a large number of votes in that voters who do not vote for the winning candidate have no connection to the elected representative, nor to the eventual make-up of the House of Commons;
  • contributing to the under-representation of women, minority groups, and Aboriginal peoples;
  • preventing a diversity of ideas from entering the House of Commons; and
  • favouring an adversarial style of politics.
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