A Tale of Two Ridings: Cooperation and Division

Pre-election cooperation between Greens and Liberals in Kelowna Lake Country  defeats long time Conservative. Greens have another advocate in Parliament with the informal agreement between Fuhr and the Green EDA.

Liberals 29,614 (46%), Conservatives 25,512 (40%), NDP (9,044 (14%), Greens no candidate

From Ron Canaan’s concession speech: “It was the combination of the perfect storm and the fact the Green vote, strategically, they moved over to the Liberals, they had a coalition agreement,” he explained. “The fact that the opposition provided some alternative change, there was a message the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, I guess, served his tenure for almost 10 years, and the community has spoken.”

Last minute strategic voting in North Okanagan Shuswap does not prevent a vote split, allowing Conservatives once again to win.

Conservatives: 27,490 (39%), Liberals: 20,951 (30%), NDP: 17,903 (26%), Greens: 3,609 (5%)

And finally analysis from Eric Grenier of threehundredeight.com: “That the New Democrats lost such a large number of votes to the Liberals in these ridings is a strong suggestion that progressive swing voters swung hard for the Liberals. Polls in the last week showed that the NDP’s voters were less committed than those of the Liberals, and Justin Trudeau’s party was, by far, the one Canadians expected would win on election night.”

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