NEWSFLASH: Local poll to be done in North Okanagan Shuswap Riding

On Oct.19th Canadians are going to vote in the federal election. Many people are uncertain how to vote. Although there is a widespread feeling that it’s time for a regime change, in many ridings this comes down to deciding which party’s candidate is in the best position to defeat the Conservative candidate.
A group of local citizens who are not affiliated with any party, business interest, special interest or government body, plan to gather information to assist voters in making their decision. They are commissioning a statistically sound opinion poll, by an established polling company, a few days before the election. This will show the latest standings of each candidate and of the party they represent in this riding. This information will assist you, and everyone you send these figures to, to make an informed choice on voting day.
The poll will cost about $1250 to carry out. They invite you to join them in contributing to the cost of the poll by sending a cheque (made out to Warren Bell) to the address as follows: “Opinion Poll, c/o Warren Bell MD, Box 3458, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4S2”. A suggested donation would be between $25 and $100, but we impose no upper or lower limits on what you send. They will use this money to pay for the poll, and any excess funds will be used only to pay for advertisements distributing the results of the poll widely in local media.
They ask that you please:
1. Share this message with friends and family
2. Include your email address with any contribution you send, so that they can inform you directly of the results as soon as they are in our hands.
Thank you for sharing in this exercise in informed democracy!

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