Fair Vote Canada begins their Campaign kickoff on Sept. 15th for proportional representation

Here is what they are doing, and what they are asking:

On September 15th, Democracy day, help us take over the airways with our Campaign Kick-off!

We will be launching two important initiatives:

Our new Campaign website will showcase candidates and tell Canadians where they stand on proportional representation. We will also release an open-letter to the Party Leaders signed by over 500 Canadian Academics, including former Parliamentary Budget Officer, Kevin Page, several Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, 29 Canada Research Chairs and two Professors with the Order of Canada. They are calling on the Parties to work together to bring in Proportional Representation.

We need to elect 170 MPs who will agree to change the voting system.

Download campaign materials and hand them out in your neighbourhood. Put a poster in your window! Hand out flyers at All Candidates debates. We need to tell Canadians which Candidates will Make All Every Vote Count. Your Campaign Materials are here: http://campaign2015.fairvote.ca/downloads/

  • Go to All Candidates Meeting and ask the Candidates: ‘if a party receives 39% of the vote, should they receive 39% of the seats?”
  • Ask your friends to sign the Declaration of Voters’ Rights. People Power will win this campaign!
  • Let’s make PR an issue in every riding in Canada. Write letters to your local media. If you’re willing to send a press release to your local media, we will provide you with the views of your local candidates. Let us know and we’ll provide you with a template!

With your help, we can make this the last unfair election. Let’s elect the MPs who will Make All Our Votes Count!

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