Electoral reform isn’t at the top of most voters’ minds as an election issue. It should be. Without it, the views of Canadians will continue to be misrepresented in Parliament. Currently 39% of the electorate holds 100% of the power. Take a look at electoral reform under our Issues tab for more information on this.

The Huffington Post has just run entitled: How A Different Electoral System Would Affect The Federal Parties” http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/09/11/how-a-different-electoral_n_8125358.html

It would do readers well, however, to remember that Alternative Vote or Preferential Ballot is a form of First Past the Post and will not provide proportional representation. This option is preferred (or was) by Justin Trudeau but not all Liberal Members of Parliament. Both the Greens and NDP support proportional representation.

The first question to be asked on any discussion of electoral reform is this: ‘if a party receives 39% of the vote, should they receive 39% of the seats?”

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