Vote Splitting: Two Opinions

A very interesting set of articles. Is there a risk of vote splitting? Of course. Do Elizabeth May and the Greens make a positive contribution to our democracy? Absolutely. Is it fair to expect the Greens to step down in hotly contested ridings without the favour being returned. Of course not. How do we avoid vote splitting and ensure that the Greens play a role in Parliament commensurate with public support? Pre-electoral cooperation, which at this point comes down to co-nomination. See previous post of June 15th.

1. Greens helping Conservatives says George Erhing in the Tyee:                                       Greens-Helping-Conservatives/ . “But in choosing to run candidates in ridings that have the best chance of electing someone other than a Conservative, Elizabeth May is playing right into Stephen Harper’s hands. She is his best electoral ally, because her party will draw votes from New Democrats and Liberals — the parties with the only chance of defeating Conservatives. This splitting of the opposition votes is just what Stephen Harper needs to form another majority government.”

2. Elizabeth May rebuts Ehring’s assertion that the Green Party splits the vote:                Greens do not split vote . “We can think about where we should elect as many Green MPs as possible, knowing our best defence against the risk of Harper forming government in a minority parliament is a Green caucus more committed to Canada than to our own party — willing to reach out across party lines to ensure that our government reflects how the majority of Canadians voted. ”

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