We NEED to get disengaged voters to vote. The question is how!

We believe the Harper Conservatives are threatening our democracy and need to go. One way is through pre-electoral cooperation. Another way is getting out the non-traditional voter, particularly the youth

According to the article below: “In the last election there were far more absentee voters (39 per cent) than CPC supporters (24 per cent). The disengagement from the electoral process is the key to the success of the Conservatives in Canada and of right-wing politics elsewhere.” And “In the magnificent drive for U.S. civil rights legislation, the late Martin Luther King said “our weapon is our vote.” A goal of the movement he led [10] was to register black voters.”

With the “Unfair” Elections act making it more difficult to prove identity come election day, we think it a good idea to start registering voters before the election is called. How and where is the question!

We need to impress upon the 18-34 year olds that their vote could swing the election if they choose to use it. How do we do this?

All ideas welcome!!!!!

Why get the vote out

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