The same old politics?

The political party engines are out of the station and picking up steam. While proclaiming a desire to do politics in a new way, both Liberals and NDP are running on the same adversarial partisan tracks,  attacking each other as much as the Harper Conservatives.

This appears to us, speaking for the progressive side of the political spectrum (which we think could very well include progressive Conservatives) as putting party ahead of country. In our riding (North Okanagan Shuswap) we have three strong progressive candidates: Jacqui Gingras NDP, Cindy Derkaz Liberal, Dave Smith Green. Each of them is and will be putting in a lot of effort (time and money) to split the vote. This is inevitable, despite denials to the contrary.

The conundrum we face is how to switch the track against the heavy pressure exerted by Liberal and NDP national leaders, executives and party stalwarts. How do we actually say to these folk that now, with the Harper Conservatives so drastically changing the social, economic, and moral fabric of our country with the support of only 24% of eligible voters, is the time to walk your talk?  The new way is cooperation.

Just imagine if the three progressive leaders agreed to one-time cooperation for the 2015 election, with only one strong progressive candidate running in swing ridings. This would be accompanied by a commitment to electoral reform with support for some type of proportional representation (see Fair Vote Canada website). Imagine a Canada in which every vote counted and where Parliament reflected the values and opinions of all Canadians.

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