Cooperation efforts in Alberta

“Efforts to “unite the left” are going to happen in Alberta whether certain political parties like it or not….Friday morning, Edmonton Centre MLA Laurie Blakeman announced she would be running for three parties at the same time — the Alberta Liberals she now represents in the Legislature, the Alberta Party and the Green Party of Alberta…

You can hear an interview with Laurie here:                                                                                                 “There is such a sense out there that people want a progressive alternative centrist vote without a lot of bloody labels on it,” said Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman. (CBC)”

Meanwhile, Calgary pollster and progressive gadfly Brian Singh on Thursday announced the return of his 2012 effort to get a progressive consensus candidate elected federally in the Calgary Centre by-election that saw Conservative Joan Crockatt sent to Parliament, as well as to expand it to provincial politics.

So Thursday saw the launch of a website at that Mr. Singh says will provide progressive voters with a way to press the provincial Liberals, NDP, Alberta Party and Greens to join some kind of combined effort, and even run candidates with support from multiple parties, as Blakeman announced she would do yesterday.

Singh and company will also try to use the website to steer voters to the progressive candidate they feel is most likely to win in some provincial ridings, as they attempted to do federally in at the site in 2012, when votes for the Liberal and Green candidates together outnumbered Crockatt’s plurality.

Says the new website: “1ABVote is a citizen initiative to inspire progressive voters to coalesce behind a single, consensus-based progressive candidate (1Candidate Now!) in each riding in the imminent provincial election.”

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