Cooperation means standing united!

From the Letters to the Editor, March 11 Globe and Mail. We would concur.                      And again as per a previous blog – the Harper Conservative government represents only one point on the Conservative spectrum. We don’t believe it represents the values and points of view of many Conservatives.

“Mulcair’s tactics                                                                                                                      Re How The NDP Plans To Win It All (March 10): Some of us are so desperate for change, we have begged the Liberals, NDP and Greens to work together to defeat the Harper Conservatives.

So what is the NDP going to do? Everything they can to split the anti-Harper vote by attacking Justin Trudeau. This tactic demonstrates they care more about the fortunes of their party than the fate of Canada.

I have heard Thomas Mulcair slagging Mr. Trudeau about his age, last name and privileged background, as if Mr. Trudeau had any more control over these factors than Mr. Mulcair had over the socio-economic status of his birth family or the number of his siblings. This is the sort of ad hominem attack we expect from the Conservatives, not from a party that promises “working together and with respect.”

If the NDP implements the sort of negative campaign proposed by Brad Lavigne – focusing on Justin Trudeau rather than Canada’s real enemy, Stephen Harper – and we end up with another Conservative mandate, many Canadians will place the blame squarely at the feet of Mr. Mulcair and his party.”

Patricia Wilmot, Toronto

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