I know what you, dear readers, are thinking!  “Renewing Democracy Through Cooperation claims to be non-partisan; your logo has four maple leafs in the colours of the four national parties: Green, Liberal, NDP and Conservative. Yet everything you post seems to have a decidedly progressive bias.”

Both are true! We just don’t believe that the Harper version of the Conservative party represents the entire Conservative spectrum.  It appears to us that, unlike former Conservative governments,  the Harper government is putting in place policies that pander to an extreme ideology supported by perhaps 20% of the voting electorate, and don’t consider the greater good of the country and its compassionate, moderate, honest broker history: scraping the long form census, firing and/or muzzling scientists, withdrawing health care from refugees, denying climate change, the “unfair election act which will restrict rather than increase voter participation,  the list goes on and on.

We invite people of all political stripes to work with us in helping the electorate understand the harmful effects of Harper’s policies so that on election day 2015, we will have an engaged electorate who are prepared to get out and vote.

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