Gerry Caplan on Cooperation

In a nutshell, long time NDPer Gerry Caplan says that for the greater good of the country, Liberals and the NDP must come to some sort of  a co-operative arrangement.

“If either the Liberals or NDP end up with a majority government, that party would of course govern. But if any of the other outcomes prevail, a new era in Canadian history must begin. Some kind of long-term rapprochement between the NDP and Liberals must be pursued. Don’t think, after a lifetime of deep attachment to the NDP, it doesn’t kill me to write these words. But anything else is a recipe for continued Conservative rule, a fate that Canadian progressives must not inflict on our country in the name of party loyalty. If we take seriously the assertion that the Conservatives have already undermined the values that we and most Canadians hold dear, and that another term will entrench their work and make it irreversible, we have no choice but to place Canada before party.”

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2 Responses to Gerry Caplan on Cooperation

  1. karine says:

    Thank you gerry caplan. A wonderful, rallying cry for cooperation!


  2. I too am a long standing NDP’er and former riding President. Putting Canada ahead of Party says it all– great comment Gerry.
    Dave Kennedy, Vernon BC


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