Are progressive voters getting what the two main opposition parties on the national level don’t?!

The point here is that the public sees a progressive coalition as a realistic option to replace the Harper government.  The public might change its mind over who would lead such a coalition in the months leading up to the election. We are leading the charge here in the North Okanagan Shuswap riding!

“Moreover, there is evidence that a public weary of the current government is moving towards a new solution. The spectre of a coalition government that was used effectively to strengthen Harper’s fortunes in 2011 no longer seems to worry Canadians nearly as much. By a very large margin, the public now favours a Justin-Trudeau-led coalition over most other outcomes. This is markedly different from the divided views of 2011.

The parties will all insist that they are running to win and that planning for a coalition is a bad idea — but for a majority of Canadian voters, this may be emerging as the best solution.”

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